About Us


I started printing in High School and ink has been in my blood ever since.

I wear many hats in the company. Estimator, graphic layout artist, computer specialist, bindery and press person. I work with Adobe acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign as well as Photoshop. 

Some of my best customers have come from referrals, people who are looking for someone to bring their ideas to paper. We are often asked to prepare the graphics for their signs and web needs, which we are glad to do. Please let me know how I can help serve you

Marylou "Mama" Brown

I started helping Lydia with the business in 1982, doing the bookkeeping and artwork on an Apple IIsi. 

I am bilingual and can do Spanish translations. 

In 1987 I developed a love for crafts and quilting. I am honing my doll making skills and love sharing my creations online. Please visit my DOLL page  (currently under construction) to see past creations and whats new

Al Alvarez, Vice President

Al (the quiet one) joined our family business in 1988. He does presswork bindery and deliveries. In college he majored in ceramics and fine art. He also served in the Army airborne division.

When he is not in the print shop he is busy teaching aerobics at various health clubs. And if he is still lucky enough to have free time he loves to go diving and bike riding.